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I loaded up my Tow Truck with a bunch of cams, because I got robbed a few times… LOL I used to just show my boys the footage, but everyone told me to post it, so here it is!

Black dating hate interracial woman

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There is no rational defense of Trick Daddy’s ignorance and other BS mentalities like it—just plain ol’ acquiescence.As Black men, we need to be strong enough to stand up to this kind of ignorance from our own, tell Trick Daddy to sit his Goomba-from-Super-Mario-lookin’ ass down and prove that we care about Black women beyond our mothers or daughters.In the face of racist contempt, wehate for Black women to believe that other women are intrinsically worth more than them if they can do and have the same things in equal part.

Many hot white women find many attractive qualities in black men and they fall for them!

But the reason it appears that far too many Black men are “jealous” (in those brothers’ words) of non-Black women is due to the fact that it’s incredibly difficult for many Black men to propagate their preferences without slandering all Black women.

Just like Trick Daddy ranting about wanting to smash “these Spanish and these white hoes,” it always predictably boils down to an anti-Black women sentiment.

Though I didn’t want or like Bin Laden…two other men that I’d dated during my era as an actress-model in North Africa were also billionaires…of them married a Black woman, the other married a Korean. So, you see, this is the other side of the coin…one that isn’t talked about.

Luckily I went on to marry a wonderful Black Man, a marine, Simon Palacio, who during our 10 year marriage selling his own electronics to the U. Black Women may not get the hoodrat athletes and rappers.