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To guard against their use, the best protection is to password protect the ability to download apps onto their phone.Additionally, you can check for duplicate apps or tools as that could also be a red flag.For anyone who heard about the sexting scandal at a Colorado High School last year involving half of the student population, and where more than 500 explicit photos were being exchanged of kids some as young as 8th grade, a vault app was involved in helping keep the photo sharing undiscovered for so long.The apps will often appear as an innocuous app on your child’s phone and can even be disguised as a calculator or some other simple tool.

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This is yet another app with picture sharing capabilities as well, making it appealing for both cyber bullying and sexually oriented interaction.A child can send an anonymous message of up to 200 characters and then using GPS, the message can be read by the nearest 500 other people using the app.No images with this one, but it still has gained in popularity quickly and has become a powerful tool for bullying and sexual content.This is why it is important that parents of even young elementary kids are informed about the Worst Apps for Kids.You might want to take a look to see if they have any of these apps already installed on their phone.Used to make and share short videos, six seconds in length that loop over and over again, this app is actually owned by Twitter.