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Fleetwood Mac rightfully used to bury her raspy vocals behind the music.

In her duets, I can't tell which vocals are sung by the male singer and which ones are her!

you wouldn't know good music if it hit you in the face! Stevie is amazing and a legend so get your head out of your ass! The Gossip copied the start rift in their song Heavy Cross.

And if you think it's really "repetitious", try listening to Gag Gag or some other new crap because that's all they do is repeat lines over and over! This was also going to be the theme song for Twilight, as Edward and Bella were both seventeen. Stevie Nicks has always had a voice that sounds like an old hag who has smoked nonstop for 30 years or so.

She is also an evil witch, who gives me the "willies."Actually, Stevie Nicks wrote many of her songs that she used as a solo artist while she was with Fleetwood Mac. I mondegreened it into sounding (in my head) like "Just Like the Wild Ranger" not realizing that it was called the Edge of Seventeen.

She let them look at all of them and choose the ones that they wanted, and she took the "leftovers"--which were obviously very good also. This song is reminiscent (beat-wise) to the opening of "Eye of the Tiger", and I love to use this song to open up a new rock mix cd.

To whoever said this song is boring and repetitious (your name isn't even worth mentioning)..

This song was sampled by Destiny's Child on their #1 US hit "Bootylicious". The full name of Nicks' hit is "Edge of seventeen (just like the white winged dove) and was a #11 hit in the US in 1982.

Stevie Ryan, the comedian and actress who rose to fame thanks to her viral videos, has been found dead aged 33.

i don't really care for this song as much as the other ones.

but, when i heard bring on the night by the police i was floored.