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For people who are in a relationship, you would think, “I can get laid whenever I want” but is that really true?

Dating for kid

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Your kids can love a potential mate all they want, but if you are unhappy on the inside, it will eventually have a negative impact on the relationship and with the kids.

If you allow their fondness for that person to dictate your actions when you know deep inside that this is not the person for you; then you will end up in a relationship that will only serve as a bad example for your kids and set them on a course to have bad relationships when they get older.

I have seen too many people use their children as a means of determining their future mate. I understand that you want your kids and that potential mate to like each other, but I think you are overlooking a key point.

If a person “truly” loves you, they will want to love your kids and do right by them.

Psychiatrist Dr Lim Boon Leng says that boy-girl relationships (BGRs) are evident in many areas of life.

When they start dating, support their decision and offer advice whenever needed.

You are an adult, and at the end of the day your relationship has to be about you being with the best person for you, and truly being happy and fulfilled.That person you are dating may be good at manipulating their relationship with the kids in order to reel you in.They are using the kids for their goal to get you, and you will be so caught up in the fact that your kids “like them” that it will become harder to walk away when you recognize they are not the right person for you.Topic like sex might be taboo, but only by talking about them can ground rules be set.”Dating helps youngsters get along with another person, communicate, negotiate, make decisions and even learn to stand up for themselves.However, teens with low self-esteem might not know how to protect themselves as they will do anything ― even if they aren’t comfortable ― just to feel accepted and loved.If they have kids of their own, and your children become best friends, here comes another obstacle.